Sampler Shuffle Setting Instructions

Easy Corner Triangles
Note:  These triangles are not the same as the half square triangles in Block 1!  Where ever you see the line across the stitching line ( see block 3 and block 5) make this kind of half square triangle.

Inner Border

Note how many of these geese you have to make for the quilt!  You might want to make them as you go along so you don't hate making them later!  Use your favorite method of making Flying Geese.  We like the Flying Geese x 4 method that does not waste fabric.

Shuffle blocks

Return next week for more blocks!  Remember, they are available for a limited time (two weeks) on our website. Due to technical difficulties, blocks 1-3 will be on available until November 14 and 4-6 will be available until November 21.
We are leaving Blocks 1-3 up for another week since we had a problem getting them to download properly and print for you.

Block 13

Block 14

Block 15

Block 16

Block 17

Block 18

Block 19

Block 20

Block 21

Block 22

Block 23

Block 24

The last 6 Sampler Shuffle blocks

The last 6 Sampler Shuffle blocks will be added on January 1 and 8.

Block 25

Block 26

Block 27

Block 28

Block 29

Block 30